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Throne Mask of Never Moving On 1

Throne Mask of Never Moving On

Medium: Mixed Media
Date: 2020

Troy Miller-Perry

Statement:  A common problem in my life is the inability to move on from people in my life. I tend to hold onto things from old relationships or moments in my life that no longer serve me. I know this implicitly, yet when given the opportunity to throw these physical representations away, I often find myself unwilling to go through with it. The majority of materials within this mask are from the pile of things that I have held onto for way too many years and through multiple moves. By creating an extremely uncomfortable and unwieldy wearable object in the form of a mask, I seek to represent the emotional and physical burden of not allowing myself to move on. The mask’s face is made of two faces looking in different directions, reflecting the ambivalence in accepting the present and looking to the future, or dwelling in the past.