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The Transhumanist

The Transhumanist

Medium: Highlighter, Ink, Acrylic on paper cuttings
Date: 2018
Dimensions: 18″ x 30″ 


Renee Maderazo


While my artwork crosses multiple mediums, they all share in the devotion to this mantra: creative expression is tied to the exploration of identity. I adore the ability to work with rough materials, and the struggle to impart my vision into it.  In many ways I feel as though the process of building up and breaking down on birchwood boards, sheets of paper, and layers of paint, is parallel to my personal journey of self discovery and internal validation. Over the course of my life, I’ve needed to overcome mental hurdles large and small, obstacles as common as  finding one’s place in modern society, to crises as complex as managing gender dysphoria. As a result, I strive to weave the iconography and the colors that best represent my community as well as my identity into the composition of my pieces. Although, my connection to my artwork extends throughout the creative process. Every flick of the wrist, every segment of a line, every splattering of paint, and every cycle of the printing press grounds me to the practice and is my way of expression. Art is a cathartic source of self-reflection and provides a level of insight into the world around me and the role I play in it.