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Medium: Stoneware with Jade Celadon Glaze
Date: 2020
Dimensions: 10×155×155mm

Hayoung You

Am I going well?
Are you going well?
Are you going up the stairs, or down the stairs?
Are you going forward, or going backward?
Is it important for you?
It is REALLY important for you?

In life, people sometimes don’t know whether they’re going up or down the stairs. People just go endlessly to the next step to reach the success that they think will be at the top of the stairs without knowing whether that path makes them happy or not.

But we have to stop and think about it.

Where I’m going. What I want. Whether I’m happy on my way.

And whether it is ‘really’ important for me to go up the stairs.

Where are you heading to? Are you happy in the process