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Rising Systems

Artwork information (in order of gallery):
1. Rising Systems , 2019, paper, ink, resin, 30”x30”
2. Rising Systems (detail)
3. Pulling Our Weight (installation view), 2019, paper, hand made paper clay, ink, University of Arizona, Graduate & Alumni Gallery
4. Pulling Our Weight (detail)
5. Resurfacing, 2020, Paper, hand made paper clay, ink, Mississippi River water, net, 28” x 291⁄2” x 10”
6. Contents #4 , 2019, paper, paper clay, ink, garbage bag, net, 30”x 26”x 8”, f rom Irreparably Salvageable series


Danielle Jones

I am fixated on moments surfacing in between stages of decay, renewal and simply existing. They are moments that foster a slow building momentum and a shift in perspective. It’s a growth that quietly multiples and expands when exposed to harsh conditions. They are forms in transition and I make spaces for them.

My practice is fueled by a compulsion to construct, to deconstruct, and to piece back together with materials that are intrinsically as vulnerable as they are strong. Working with this duality, I explore the materiality of paper and tarp while understanding their limits and depending on their strengths. They are pushed through weathered progressions of staining, drawing and painting until I tear them into scraps. Surrounded by fragments that were once whole, I acknowledge their need to become something bigger than the sum of their parts and become invested in routines that are encouraged by the cumulative effect of small actions. It is a process that examines the boundaries of materials—preparing, breaking, and mending in a cycle that is never finished—to speak to the inevitable alternation of disaster and recovery that characterizes human experience.