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2020 MFA Alumni Thesis Exhibition

Mijoung Kim

it is dangerous outside a blanket.

In the lexicon series, “it is dangerous outside a blanket.” I consider the limitations of spoken language.

The tools which spoken language provides have their limits, and some experiences and emotions go beyond words. Creative art is more flexible than spoken language, and it reflects my experience more freely.

Six paintings explain six different passages of times in my life: childhood memories, human selfishness, social phobia, the meaning of life, creative art, and resolution of struggle and trauma. Abstract symbols express my stories, experiences, sentiments, and principles with the intuitive language that I create. The symbols act as surrogates for concepts and deep emotions experienced during times of struggle.

Illustrated “dictionaries” are provided to guide the viewer toward my thoughts. Ultimately though, the compositions present open-ended narratives that the viewer can interpret through their own associations and experiences.