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Land Kits

Medium: cardboard, ink, model landscaping, earth sample
Year: 2020
Dimensions: 18″ x 24″ 20″

Trent Pechon

I see the transformative opportunities in the moments and objects of everyday life. Through careful craftsmanship, humor, and meticulous presentation, I modify the ordinary and give life to something new and strange. I create work that communicates in ways that words cannot and helps people feel and see the bittersweetness of life. 

Dry air, cacti growing wild, and mountains breaking the horizon; I am learning my new surroundings day by day. I want to become lost deep in its wonders, to break away from the person I’ve become in my everyday life. I want to hear the birds call, the lizards shuffling away from my footsteps, and the wind making its way through the land, like the echo of my yell. 

In the process of equipping myself to return to nature, I found myself engulfed in the opposite; hundreds of dollars in gear and months of obsessive planning and preparation. In this series, I’ve transformed cardboard boxes from backpacking and camping paraphernalia I ordered online into miniature landscapes. I am trying to find my way into nature by becoming lost in consumerism.