Korean Magpie in the Cactus

Korean Magpie in the Cactus

Medium: Stoneware with Evergreen Matte, Crimson, Black Shiny Opaque Glaze and Maiolica
Date: 2019
Dimensions: 700×500×100mm

Sangmin Lee


I created this sculptural hand-building piece imbuing my narrative as an international student studying in UofA. I had never seen a sky-high cactus in Korea, so it caught my eye when I first arrived at Tucson. After selecting the cactus as the subject of this work, I explored the ecology and the characteristics of the cactus. As like cactus wren make the house through dipping the hole on the cactus, I put the Korean magpie in the hole, as a metaphor of myself, hope, happiness, and Korean. I expressed my major in art education in the alphabet engraved on the stem, while putting Korean consonant-shaped cactus fruit at the end of the arm.


What nature do you have that resembles to you, or that can project your identity?