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Jesse Hinson

Y’all Come Back Now

While there is no mistaking that the South is scarred land, with a deeply troubling past, many communities are working to acknowledge and examine that history, and build a way into the future that highlights its wildly rich culture, its collective knowledge of reuse, and showcase the role it plays in the national economy. Through the use of found materials, personal objects, and common phrases and imagery found in Southern culture, this body of work  showcases a more complete South and the role it has played within the United States. Traditional quilt patterns are collaged and overlayed with drawn images that are screenprinted onto repurposed fabrics. The imagery and patterns used for these pieces intertwine to combine history, location, and culture. While the drawings come from stories and colloquialisms, the underlying quilts reference location. By collaging them in unconventional designs the past can be brought forward so that we can move towards a more enlightened view of the South.

The Southern states are filled with deeply prideful people who have been left to build their own way out of poverty, poor education, and lack of access to communities outside of their own. While this has certainly left them with disadvantages, it has not stopped them from coming together to build spaces for one another that provide knowledge, safety, and community.

Untitled: 2145 Chenault Rd
Screenprint on repurposed fabric, linen thread, cotton batting
24” x 36”
Spring 2021

Widows Delight
Screenprint on repurposed fabric, linen thread, cotton batting
125” x 125”
Spring 2022

Untitled: Dukes
Screenprint on repurposed fabric, linen thread, cotton batting
52” x 30”
Spring 2022

Have a seat
Wood, fabric, ceramics, paper
48” x 72” x 36”
Spring 2022

MFA 2022