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Gold, Gold, in the American River!

Medium: Single Channel Video
Date: 2019

Mariel Miranda

In San Francisco, Simone De Beauvoir was delighted with the city’s theatricality, its healthy economic life and its “no place for error,” she said. I assumed that Sillycon Valley represented the contemporary place to measure the city’s economic health. That’s why I visited the Facebook building and decided to appropriate one of the thousands bicycles that the company makes available to its employees and visitors. I took it to the nearest river and painted it gold. I named this action “gold, gold, on the American river”: I was thinking in the historic passage of the man who shout out in the streets of SF “gold, gold in the American river” that frames the beginning of the gold fever in California, and its intrinsically connection with the prior territory war between Mexico and the USA. The action was recorded in photo and video.