d i s t a n c e d

d i s t a n c e d

Medium: Acrylic chair, urethane resin, synthetic dye, chrome plated brass, galvanized steel cable
Date: 2020

Sean Grumbles


A clear miniature acrylic chair was placed into a dye bath and set with a clear acrylic sealant. The chair was then placed into a cube mold and encapsulated in a crystal clear, urethane resin. Cross-sections were then cut from the encased chair and the panels were then further sanded down. The nine panels were then displayed in a 3 x 3 gridded system with chrome plated brass clamps and galvanized steel cables.

This work explores how an object can exist in separate instances of time in contrast to our experiences of time as an unbroken sequence which moves in a continuum. The continuity in which we experience time and reality prevents us from perceiving adjacent elements as being different from each other. Although time is not commonly associated as a dimension of space, it lays out a numerical order of change that exists within a 3-dimensional space.  This sculpture examines what it means to dissect different portions of an object, how dissimilar the parts may be in relation to the whole, and how an object changes throughout its existence.