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Joseph Gross Gallery
Fireweather: The Dark Forest of Crystal Burn
Ralph Ziman: Ghosts
Chris Dacre: What Lies Beneath Lies
Wynne Neilly: Female to "Male"
Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibtion
2014 -2015
Eva Struble: Produce
Mark Mulroney: Something's Dripping
Angela Ellsworth: Volume I
Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition
2013 - 2014
Culture Cache
School of Art Visiting Artists, Adjuncts, and Staff Exhibition
Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition
Kristen Bauer and Emmett Potter

Grandscapes: Claire Harlan
2013 Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition
Language of the Land: Popular Culture within Indigenous Nations and the new wave of artistic perspectives Chris Pappan and Ryan Singer
Subdivision #3: Cheryl Molnar
Above and Below: Josh Keyes
2012 Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition
Apariciones Apparitions: Adriana Gallego and Claudio Dicocchea
The Current Past
Terraria Gigantica: The World Under Glass, Dana Fritz
Impetus: curated by Thinkspace Gallery
Two Headed Tales: Yana Payusova and Joseph Farbrook
2011 Master of Fine Art Thesis Exhibition
Latin American Glass Art Invitational
Double Vision
Real, Natural, and Unsustainable
On the Other Side of the Needle

Master of Fine Arts Thesis Show, 2010

Liz Cohen: Zwickau Rountine
Working the Line, David Taylor
Departure, Lin + Lam
Confronting the Capitalist Crisis |Just Seeds Radical Art Collective
Sunshine on Cast Shadow
, David Choong Lee
Presence: 30 Years of the Joseph Gross Gallery
Master of Fine Arts Thesis Show, 2009
Spheres, Huang Zhiling and Yozo Takada
Framed by Appearance, Kathryn Maxwell
Being Perceived, Scott Ellegood
Valerie Constantino: House with Song
Swiss Impressions: Romano Hanni and the Art of Metal Type

Digital Art, Paul Jaffe

Lionel Rombach Gallery
The Cat Album
Clouded Reflections
Combining Media
Looking In
Improvisational Fiction
You Know Who You Are?
Scenes From China
Inspired by Art: A re-invesigation of performance for the lens
Infuse- A Showcase

Annual 3D Exhibition
Annual 2D Exhibition
Annual Graphic Design, Illustration, and Viscom Juried Exhibition
Southie by Southwest
Annual First Year Experience Exhibition
Annual Juried Photography Division Exhibition
Advanced Printmaking

Asleep and Awake
Hunted Spaces
Brain Tumor...bummer: Howard Salmon
Fools Gold
Atrial Systole
Advanced and Graduate Printmaking
Stations of the Cross: A Journey of Hope Along the Migrant Trail
Bachelor of Fine Arts Annual Fall Exhibition
Pushing Through the Layers
Internet Trash
Annual Graphic Design, Illustration, and Viscom Juried Exhibition
Annual 2D Exhibition
Annual 3D Exhibition
Annual Juried Photography Division Exhibition
Annual First Year Experience Exhibition

Teleology / Echopraxia
Exposure SDV
Hijacked by High Culture
Cultures Intertwined
Women of the West
The Night Call
Human Refuse
Bachelor of Fine Arts Fall Exhibition
Not a Baby, Not Yet a Boy, ... ... . what did I do wrong?
The Scattering Effect
Grotesque Inflorecence
Annual Viscom Juried Exhibition
Annial Juried Photography Division Exhibition
Mara Pierce
Annual 2D Exhibition
Annual 3D Exhibition
Cultural Hybridity Exploration
Heat Wave
Annual First Year Experience Exhibition
Advanced Printmaking
3D Juried Exhibition
Photography Juried Exhibition
Annual Visual Communications Juried Exhibition
2D Division Juried Exhibition
2012 Annual Fall BFA Exhibition
Bait & Capture
it’s always ourselves we find in the sea
Think Tank and Exhibition: The Hydro-Aesthetics of the Mexico City Water System: From the Cája de Agua to the Cárcamo, 1900-1952
These Points Must Be the Meaning I've Been Searching For
The sum of the sequence from then until now is not equal to here multiplied by there
Within the Weight of Being
Letterpress: Here and There
Dead, Missing, Capsized
Power Trip
FYE: 3rd Annual First Year Experience Exhibition
Annual 3D Division Exhibition
Paper in Principle
Ut Pictura Poesis
36th Annual Viscom Show

Adrift: Michael Fadel
God Save America: Jonny Black and Zach Fitchner
2011 Annual BFA Exhibition
Press Print: An Exhibition of Advanced Printmakers
Far|Sight Art 441:Advanced Photography Exhibition
AVCE Group Exhibition
In-Between Places: Angie Zimmerman
24-Hour from Hangzhou to Tucson: Cui Jing
Nothing is Lost when Nothing is Obtained: Neal Galloway
The Heterosexual Divide: Ernesto Samoza
Everything and the Kitchen Sink: Combining Media
Visual Communications Capstone 2011
2011 First Year Experience Exhibition
And Then..
3d 2011 Invitational
35th Annual Visom Juried Exhibition
La Tapiz Fronteriza
BFA: 2010
AVCE Group Exhibition
2D: 2010
All Sorts of Faces
Amigos en el jardin
The Dirty
Desk Job
Crossing Disciplines
Insert Photo Here
Viscom Annual Juried Show 2010
Burnin Down the Haus
3D Invitational
Presently Decoding, Erin Garber Pearson
UA Wildcat Print Show
Internal Macrocosm: External Viscus, Lizz Stringfield
Old School
Management, Kate McHugh
Bachelor of Fine Arts Fall 2009
Fragments and Repositories
Rogue Wave: The New Gig Poster
2D Juried Invitational 2009
Heritage, Chris McGinnis
Moment and Memory
Places in Between, Andrea Jensen
Classical Forms and the Structures of Language
Advanced Scultpure 2009
Viscom Annual Juried Show 2009
3D Annual Juried Invitational 2009
Nameless, John Thornton
Unthinking, Margaret Kimball
2nd Annual Foundations Show
Where Are You From?
Translations, Kate McHugh
Bachelor of Fine Arts Fall Show, 2008
A Serious Show, Sarah Hurwitz
2D Juried Invitational 2008
Eroding Cognitive Dissonance, Lexi Coburn
Sleeper Cell, Jeff DaCosta
Static Motion, Chika Matsuda
2007- 2008
Part(ying): a mash up, Andrew Shuta
Food for Thought